Take your Cakes and Bakes to Another Level with Amazing Taste using our New Sugar Free Vanilla Buttercream Icing Mix.


Whether your on a diet, suffer from digestive issues or simply want to eat well without jeopardizing taste and flavour, our new sugar free mix range made by Nature Bake is the first completely natural pre-made mix that contains absolutely no preservative, stabilizers, caking agents, artificial flavors or colouring.


Each icing mix is professionally and precision mixed using the highest quality ingredients sourced primarily from Australian Producers. Apart from the raw natural ingredients, NOTHING else is added to the mix so it very much is the purest and healthiest way of enjoying a delicious cake without the guilt  while doing wonders for your body and digestion.


Sugar Free Vanilla Icing Mix

Pack Sizes
  • – Birch Xylitol Icing Powder
    – Vanilla Bean Powder
    – Tapioca Flour

  • – Gluten Free
    – Dairy Free
    – Nut Free
    – Sugar Free
    – Soy Free
    – No Additives
    – No Preservatives



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